how can sharing economy improve your city? in many ways!


Collaborative economy has already an important role in our cities.

Car-sharing, Parking-sharing, Co-working spaces, Short-stay vacation rentals...There are many new activities that can improve our cities. However, the regulation of them is not always easy.

We are experts in the regulation of this new kind of projects. We also provide cities the oportunity or creating taylor-made local projects in order to manage them in the most accurate way.

We have experience not only in regulatory affairs, but also in the creation of sharing economy projects:



We are part of the network working in the creation of a local short-stay platform. We aim to ellaborate a responsible vacational platform in line with the needs and regulations of the city and self-managed by citizens.

The idea behind this project is to foster the descentralization of tourism management and leave part of the responsibility to the neighbors, who are able to take profits from it.

PARK JE WEL (prototype)

Park Je Wel was our proposal for the city of Amsterdam to create a paltform where users would be able to share their parking space while they were not using it.

Despite the idea liked very much and we initiatied the negotiations with the municipality, the legal issues on The Netherlands make this practice quite difficult.

We encourage to the administrations to check the parking-sharing options (even public ones) as a way of optimizing the parking spaces in the city.

QUITE AN OFFICE (prototype)

Quite an office was a project proposal for the Startup Bootcamp.

We aimed to create a marketplace of flexible workspaces focused on freelancers, but also on companies which could provide the oportunity to their employees to work from an office more convenient to them.