smart cities

Let us work with you to make your city smarter! We offer a complete analysis and diagnosis of the city services and a report with potential innovative solutions that you might implement. 

What is a smart city? As we say in our manifesto, there is not a single meaning for smart cities, but it is rather a way of improving or fixing issues through innovative solutions. 

The use of technology can be key, but even more important can be a better governance structure or a participatory process deployed in a decision making process. In most cases, a good way of promoting innovation is to create the ground for an "innovation ecosystem" in order to foster the different actors to work in the same direction. 

Whatever your needs are related with smart cities, contact us and we will help you.

Are you a business interested in smart cities? We can also help you to adapt to this new reality and to take advantage of this new reality.


Smart City wheel by Boyd Cohen

Smart City wheel by Boyd Cohen

Our experience in the field of smart cities is extense. Apart from the development of our own smart technology, we have experience in consultancy and are collaborators of Amsterdam Smart City with our project Smart Fiets.

In addition, Guillermo is editor of, one of the reference websites on smart cities and both Sito and Guillermo have written several articles on smart cities.

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