Our project Smart Fiets was one of the seven selected for the Amsterdam’s Startup in Residence program, which happened from November ’15 to March ’16.

We are currently working with the municipality in the launchment of the first version of Smart Fiets App. This pilot project will include a registration program and a search-engine for the Amsterdam’s bike deposit.

Having those tools, users will be able to check if their bike is in the deposit, and otherwise they will be able to notifiy its loss to the police. Those users with their bike already registered will be notified in case their bike has been taken to the bike deposit and they will be able to arrange their home delivery via the Smart Fiets App.

The objective of Smart Fiets is to create a new channel of communication between the Gemeente and citizens through the Smartfiest App. This application offers a range of new services while solving issues like abandoned bikes, parking space or the overload at the Fietsdepot.

Citizens will be able, using the Smartfiets App, to subscribe for bike parking at the Fietspuntstalling Station Zuid, using their Fiets ID (RFID identification attached to their bikes). This functionality is meant to be used as a pilot, as described by the Gemeente of Amsterdam, for the future development of Fiets ID.