our vision

1- We understand city-making as a way of improving our cities through the use of social and urban innovation.

2- We believe that collective intelligence is one of the biggest assets of our society. To this end, we will foster public participation as a basic pillar of our projects whenever possible.

3- For us, the term “smart city” does not have a single meaning. Nevertheless, we refuse to call any city “smart” that neglects to incorporate social and governmental innovation into its planning and decision making processes.

4- Ours is a project-oriented platform of professionals, with each project’s team formed of employees and collaborators. These collaborators can be freelancers or representatives of our public or private partners.

5- We don’t believe there’s some single magic formula for city-making. We will define and propose many different solutions, including public or private-led projects as well as startups or cooperatives.

6- We believe in cooperativism and social entreneurship as sustainable methods for fostering productive activities while working to create a better world.

7- Our projects will not be based in the creation of unexisting useless needs. They will be created to improve an existing procedure or situation; to enlarge the livability of the city; or to optimize its resources.

8- Data is to be used, not sold. The data created by our platforms will be used only for the purpose informed to the customers and will never be sold to third parties.