smart buddy santander (WWW.SMARTBUDDY.ES)

Smart Buddy is a project funded by the European Commission within the program Organicity.

The objective of Organicity is to develop projects of citizen participation within the ‘smart city’ and, in the case of Santander, that contribute to its economic development.

For this reason, we decided to create a platform of tourist recommendations that shows the city beyond its typical places in the center of the city counting on the participation of its neighbors in the identification of these places.

Citizens were able to make recommendations to tourists and showcase venues and attractions in lesser-known parts of the city via a web application. By doing this, data was generated around places of interest and tourism habits, which was then added to the city’s open data sets. The experiment app provided better services for tourists and more useful information for businesses and city planners.


In order to involve citizens in the city promotion, we did meetings and workshops with many of the neighborhood associations of the city and students of the Tourism schools.

They not only provided tourist recommendations but also helped us with the creation and testing of the platform itself.