The impact of vacation rental is an increasing problem in our cities. The absence of control and limits on this activity allows it to overgrow and impacting the city through housing prices increase and nuisances.

Cities need to find a balance between an activity that can bring a value to households and communities, but that can also have a negative impact in our cities when it is oversized.

This balance requires a proper regulation of these activities and a good use of ‘tourism planning tech’.

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Vacation-rental data analytics report/workshop

The first step to tackle an issue is to understand the situation. With a data analysis it will possible to visualize the situation and link it to other realities of your city.

This data is obtained from the periodic analysis of several vacation rental websites run by data management companies with which City Makers has collaboration agreements.

This analysis can be done also through a workshop, where citizens can also learn to use visualization software like Carto while debating about short-term regulation in the city.



Consultancy on vacation rental regulation

There are three key aspects to research and find out:

  1. Legal aspects. What can be done in this respect within the current legal framework and what has been done in similar situations?
  2. Qualitative research. What is the public’s view of this issue? What impact at social and political level can certain measures have?
  3. Quantitative research. How many apartments operate on holiday rentals and how does this affect the city?

All these aspects will be analysed and published in a public or private report.

Monitoring and registration of short-term rentals

In order to achieve an effective compliance of the city’s strategy and regulation requires to have a software tool for monitoring and registering this type of accommodation.

This kind of system allows to control that this activity is carried out in a legal way, only by those people authorized to do it.

City Makers has agreements with several of the world’s leading companies in this field. Contact us and we will find the software that best suits your city’s needs.